Ian Makowske- Team Mikey’s Way Featured on “Brandon’s Blog”

Today Ian Makowske and Team Mikey’s Way were featured on University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon’s Blog. In an excellent post, Brandon chronicles Makowske’s friendship with Mikey Friedman, his involvement with the foundation that Mikey started, and his experiences competing for Team Mikey’s Way. Check out the post here.

“It’s an honor to be on Mr. Brandon’s blog and on the MGoBlue website,” Makowske said after seeing today’s “Brandon’s Blog” entry. “Michigan has given me so much; it has been truly an honor and one of the greatest experiences of my life to be a part of the Michigan athletic community. I cannot even begin to explain how much Michigan’s continued support of my athletic and philanthropic endeavors  means to me. Thank you and Go Blue!”

“Further, and just as importantly, I hope that Mr. Brandon’s  post today will help spread Mikey’s story. If over the Thanksgiving holiday and this weekend’s Michigan vs. Ohio State game, the biggest rivalry in all college sports, Michigan fans share this blog with their families and friends, if they honor Mikey’s bravery and selfless by telling his story, then the real goal here will be achieved.”

“In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this week more than ever I am thankful for having Mikey as a friend; I am thankful for my time at Michigan, and the family, friends, coaches and staff there who continue to support me; I am thankful for the opportunity to compete for Mikey’s Way and to carry on Mikey’s legacy. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! Go Blue and Go Team Mikey’s Way!”

Makowske will begin his second season competing for Team Mikey’s Way at the 2013 Windy City Invitational in Chicago, Ill. Follow him on Facebook here, and on Twitter @ianmakowske, and contact him at ian.makowske.teammikeysway@gmail.com for information on how to get involved and support Mikey’s Way.

Always Be Uplifting!


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One Response to Ian Makowske- Team Mikey’s Way Featured on “Brandon’s Blog”

  1. Les Friedman says:

    Ian – you’re the best!!!!!!

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